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Guns N' Roses Collector's Box (3 CD) Серия: The Maximum Series инфо 7013z.

As The Most Celebrated Rock Band To Have Emerged During The Past 25 Years, Guns N' Roses Remain A Truly Legendary And Startlingly Conic Force In The Common Of That Often Farcical Genre And Having Only Spent Aбщгшх Handful Of Years As A Complete Unit, They Have Excused Themselves The Option To 'Grow Old Gracefully, Thereby Setting In Stone The Classic And Timeless Image Of Rock Musicians Of Their Most Vital Издание содержит поcтер и 3 открытки Диски упакованы в Jewel Case и ввзкдгложены в картонную коробку Содержание CD1: Maximum Guns N' Roses The Unauthorised Biography Of Guns n' Roses 1 The Budding Of The Rose 2 Hollywood Rose 3 Guns A Blazing 4 Signed And Sealed 5 On The Road 6 The Wilting Of The Flower 7 It's All An Illusion 8 The Rose Has Died CD2: Velvet Revolver The Unauthorised Biography Of Velvet Revolver 1 Introduction 2 Origins 3 Rock Infamy 4 Break And Rejuvenate 5 Singer Required, врвктApply Within 6 Shooting From The Hip 7 A Sight To Behold 8 Uppers And Uppers 9 Shooting Up 10 Dirty Little Things 11 Here To Stay CD3: Guns N' Roses X-Posed The Interwiew 1 The Interwiew Исполнитель "Guns N' Roses" "Guns & Roses".

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